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where are pokerstars hand histories stored

where are pokerstars hand histories stored

Online hand history storage

Pokeit.co is a service that allows players to store online the hands played at the various online poker rooms, regardless of the format or variant. All the hand histories thus recorded are then accessible via a web browser from any computer or mobile device.

In order for this to be possible, you must first create an account and install software so that the hand histories can be transferred online via a secure connection.

Pokeit allows free storage of 50,000 hands. Then the users have the possibility to take a subscription in order to have more storage space. This ranges from $ 5 per month for a million hands up to $ 20 per month for 10,000,000 hands.

Hand Browser: the first utility of Pokeit.co is to be able to review sessions, for example by marking the most important hands to review next.

Report Builder: This function allows you to retrieve statistics on your own game but also to study the tendencies of your opponents. These reports are customizable and can be sent.

Smart Graphs: Once the hand histories have been recorded, Pokeit generates graphs to visualize its results.

Pokeit.co does not make hand histories public unless it is explicitly requested to do so.

Hand history save location

If you have decided to save your hand histories , they will be saved by default in the folder: C: \ Program Files \ Poker Stars \ Hand History \ .

IN Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, they will be saved by default under:  C: \ Users \ Your Username \ App Data \ Local \ Poker Stars \ Hand History \ where ‘Your Username’ is your Windows username.

You can always check their exact save location by clicking on:

  1. Settings
  2. Game history
  3. Hand histories

You will see the current backup location listed under Backup location . Click the Change Folder button to change the backup destination.

Save hand history

To save your hand histories directly on your computer:

1.      Open the Settings menu in the main lobby.

2.      Click on Game History .

3.      Click on Hand History .

4.      Select Save my hand history .

5.      Click on Make Changes .

You can also specify a save folder , determine how long hands will be stored on your hard drive, and specify in what language you want them to be kept (poker analyzers such as PokerTracker sometimes do not accept hands in one. language other than English).

The languages ​​selected for the use of the software and for your e-mails are independent of the languages ​​chosen for the hand histories.

History of fictitious silver hands

For server performance reasons, play money hand histories are not stored in our database.

You can get your play money hand history using the Instant Hand History feature . To do this, go to a table and, from the menu at the top left, select:

Table → Instant hand history

If you’re using the Classic table theme , you’ll find recent hand numbers in one place instead.
For example :

  • Hand # 3408490149
  • Previous # 3409037196

A pop-up window will appear and the hand histories will appear.

If you close our software, hand histories will not be kept unless you specify it.

To save your hands, follow these steps from the computer version of the software:

  1. Open the Settings menu in the main lobby.
  2. Navigate to Game History .
  3. Open Hand History .
  4. Activate the option Save my hand history .
  5. Click Apply Changes .


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