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can you play friends on pokerstars

can you play friends on pokerstars

You can play online poker with friends with PokerStars both in play money mode (without financial stakes), as in real agent mode (from € 0.10 buy-in in the tournament and from 0.01 / € 0.02, in cash game). Playing online poker with friends with PokerStars allows you to create a virtual poker club (Home Games), invite your friends to join it, easily organize cash games and tournaments (forms can be completed in 30 seconds), but also to join the games and tournaments that your friends and family organize on the platform at the red peak. When you create your online poker club with friends, with PokerStars, up to 501 people can play together privately. The area for playing online poker with friends is calledHome Games, by PokerStars . 

What is Online Poker with Friends at PokerStars?

To play online poker with friends at PokerStars, you don’t have to leave your home. Indeed, you will be able to play in a secure way and invite your friends to play with you as well in fictitious money mode (without financial stakes) as in real agent mode. You can choose whether you want to opt for a single game, or rather for a tournament, quietly installed at home, on your computer.

At PokerStars, online games with friends are called Home Games. You can easily create a cash game game without money (play money or play money) or in real money according to your wishes. It is also possible to create a tournament, if you want to add a little competition.

It is also important to know that only adults can play online poker with friends. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player you can easily play online poker with friends with PokerStars. It is perfectly possible to play without financial stake (in play money mode) so that you can get your hands on the game itself, to progress slowly, or to play without financial pressure, for fun.

Create your cash game or tournament to play online poker with friends with PokerStars:

PokerStars, via its Home Games section (area of ​​online poker games between friends of the software) allows you to create a virtual poker club, then invite your friends to join it. From the PokerStars Home Games, you can then create a cash game or tournament. You also have the possibility to join a game or a tournament, created by one of your friends.

Registration, sending of supporting documents, final validation of the player account and download of the software:

The first thing you need to do in order to be able to play online with your friends is to simply register ( if you do not already have a player account with PokerStars, you can register here.). To be able to play with friends at PokerStars, it is necessary to register. Supporting documents will be requested during registration: you must send them as soon as possible so that your account is validated quickly. An activation code will be sent to you by post so that you can definitively validate your player account. To access the Home Games, your player account must be definitively validated. Once everything is done, all you have to do is access the Home Games, to be able to create your club, then your games and your tournaments or join the club and the online poker game organized by one of your friends at PokerStars.

Creation of an online poker club with friends on PokerStars:

Once all your supporting documents and your account are validated, you can create your online poker club with friends: this is what we will see in this part.

You must have downloaded the software to be able to play and therefore create your club. Once this is done, all you have to do is go to Home Games and simply click on “Create Poker Club”.

A new window should open: all you have to do is name your poker club with friends, as well as create an invitation code (this is the password that you will provide to your friends). You must read and agree to the PokerStars terms and conditions. Finally, you must validate the creation of your club by clicking on the “Create a club” button.

Invitation to join the private poker club:

Have you created your club? All you have to do is invite your relatives and friends with whom you want to play. And there is nothing simpler: you must send the username (the club number), but also the password you created for your private club. Thus, each person invited will be able to easily access your club.

If you have been invited by a friend, know that you can easily have a “role” in the poker club with friends. Indeed, the “manager” of the private club can assign you an administrator role. Both the manager and administrator are able to schedule tournaments and private games for the entire club. However, only the person who created the club can authorize you to become an administrator.

Creation of private online poker games with friends on PokerStars:

Want to create a private game to play online poker with your friends? Here are the different steps you will need to perform:

  • You must have a player account and it is definitively validated to play with PokerStars Home Games.
  • You must then create your private online poker club. But if you don’t feel like it, or you’re not the investigator of poker games, you might as well join a friend’s club.
  • Once in your club, you can create games of poker with friends with either play money or real money. It is also possible to create tournaments with friends.
  • If you just want to create a cash game, all you have to do is click on “create a table”.
  • A new window will open and you will have several different things to determine: whether you want to play with real money or play money, for example. But it is possible to define all the game parameters. Once you have set your parameters as you see fit, all you have to do is start the game in question.
  • Do not forget to warn your friends, that they must also create a player account in order to be able to play online poker with you.

Play a friend-hosted online poker game at PokerStars:

Has one of your friends decided to play online poker and kindly invited you? Still, you don’t know how to go about it? I will show you the different steps so that you can navigate them easily.

Creating a player account on PokerStars:

The first thing to do to be able to play with your friends is simply to create a player account ( create your PokerStars account here ). And there is nothing simpler to do this. Here are the different steps you will need to perform:

  • On the PokerStars site, click on “create an account”. You just have to enter your information like on any site.
  • Supporting documents will be requested. You need to upload them to PokerStars or email them to verifyme@starsaccount.fr.
  • Once the site receives them, an activation code is sent to you by post. You will need to enter it in the personal area of ​​your player account to definitively validate your player account and then access the PokerStars Home Games. Note that to play online poker against players other than your friends, you do not have to wait for the final validation of your player account.

Join a friend created online poker club on Poker Stars:

Has one of your friends invited you to join an online poker club? You don’t know how to go about accessing it? Here’s how to get access to a private online poker club at Poker Stars:

  • You must have the Poker Stars software installed directly on your computer. You have to open it and identify yourself.
  • You must then click on Home Games, then on “Join a club”.
  • You will be asked for information: these are the ones sent by your friend who invited you to join the club. You must fill in the club ID, password and enter your player name.
  • You must then click on “I accept the terms”, then on the “Join the club” button.

Register for a tournament or a private poker game:

Do you want to join a tournament or a private game? It is also child’s play. Here are the steps to follow to be able to access your private game or tournament:

  • On the Poker Stars software, you need to click on Home Games.
  • You can see which games or tournaments are scheduled. They are entered respectively in “my scheduled games” and “my scheduled tournaments”.
  • You just have to select the row of the game or tournament you are interested in, then click on the “Sit down” button.
  • A window opens and you must accept the buy-in amount.
  • When the time of the tournament or the game has arrived, if your software is open, the game will start automatically.


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