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Are pokerstars hands random

Are pokerstars hands random

The integrity of the mixture

The distribution of cards is carried out in a fair and honest manner . When the deck is shuffled, it no longer moves and the order in which the cards are dealt cannot be changed. The software that shuffles and deals cards cannot control who wins or loses; he just deals the cards and the players do the rest.

Our software offers a random mix that does not favor one player over another. The methods we use ensure that the order of the coming cards is completely random and that it is absolutely impossible to predict which cards will come out. You can get a more detailed description of these methods by going to the Security section of our website.

We brought in Gaming Laboratories International to review our blending system. It is a widely recognized independent gaming product testing lab . Their research concluded that the mixture is fair and random. To learn more, visit the Random Number Generator page on our site.

This information is also available in one of our videos called How does PokerStars shuffle the deck?

We encourage you to view your own hand histories . How about doing your own analysis using widely available poker tracking software? We’ve given away 200 billion hands and share real money hand histories for free whenever someone asks us for them. Anytime you want, we can send you a copy of every hand you’ve played for real money.

Further investigations by third parties also concluded that our cards were randomly shuffled . Many of them have published their findings on the Internet.

You cannot play a game of cards without having to shuffle the deck. In a game of live poker, we all know how it works. But you might be wondering how the game is mixed up with online poker.

Poker rooms use a random process to ensure that their card mix is ​​fair, random and unpredictable. For this they use a Random Number Generator (RNG), based on the use of algorithms.

Some of the algorithms used: MD5 Random Number Generator, Knuth’s full shuffle algorithm and SHA-1 Cypto the logical separation algorithm.

All known rooms have made sure to have a “randomization” process available and are regularly checked by independent auditors. Indeed, different rooms use different RNGs, which are evaluated by different independent sources. Some of these testing companies are PricewaterCooper and BMM International.

The algorithms are protected by advanced systems, making them impenetrable from the outside. In fact, online card dealing is said to be “even more random” than actual in-game shuffling.

More hands played = more bad beats

Gamers shouldn’t be afraid that worthy sites will rig their games, since they won’t profit from it. Remember that poker involves an important element of luck especially in the short term, which is why extremely bizarre situations occur on a regular basis. These seem to appear more often because the volume of hands played on the Internet is much higher, making these bad beats seemingly more frequent. But you will also often see some of the  worst bad beats  in live parts …

Moreover, in the video above, Lee Jones emphasizes the notion of  selective memory  about bad beats.

It’s always easier to go on tilt after a few bad beats and blame the defeat on rigged software rather than keep a cool head. In the end most of the money loss will ultimately be caused by really poorly played hands once the player is on tilt, not by a lot of bad beats.


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